Saw VI

I remember the first movie Saw. I was speechless after the movie. It was a first wild ride I’ll never forget. I’ve seen all the sequels but never really the same as the first. How long can this go on, honestly I hope this is the last one. You probably need to see all the Saw movies to put it all together. Saw V reveals Detective Hoffman played by Costas Mandylor as Jigsaws successor. I thought in this movie Jigsaw seem more vengeful rather than trying to change society values. I think that made him seem less of a serial killer. This movie loses that aspect, I thought he really is a crazy killer. Jigsaw targets the insurance company for not helping him with alternative treatment. The company had a group of people who’s only job is to find ways to deny coverage. I can’t say I felt sympathy for the insurance workers. Nice touch with current insurance politics. I liked in past movies Jigsaw’s wife Jill played by Betsy Russell was the voice of reason. Now with so many sequels you have to top the last movie and this is the problem. It was pretty mild but she gets into the insanity and even has hallucinations. Trying to get the same shock value as the original is not going to happen. Eventually the script just gets crazy if that is possible with this movie. I mean I loose interest and thats a shame when the first was go great. Similar to Saw V Amanda Young the addict helped Jigsaw and was told every one is tested. So I figured Detective Hoffman would be tested no big surprise. I didn’t think he would go killing other cops like a madman. The first Saw was shocking but also clever and in the latest movie this is lost. For pure shock value it still delivers but I demand more. What’s wrong with me? If you’ve never seen any Saw movie’s this one would give you nightmares, I think they all do. For some strange reason I seem to sleep like a baby after a good disturbing movie, not sure what thats all about. You know thinking about it I wouldn’t mind buying a box set with all the sequels. Having a marathon of Saw on Halloween. How sick is that?


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