Surrogates 2009

A Sci-Fi Thriller starring Bruce Willis as Tom Greer. I have mixed feelings about this one. I like the idea of a robot life like that a person controls. Think of the possibilities! The only time this imagination was stretched out was when Greer was chasing a suspect. (Correction there were other times) He would jump greater than humanly possible. Lose an arm and still the robot would function. This could have been so much more fun to run with. Why just be human that were safe from harm, come on let loose baby! I guess getting an electrical shock can be pretty fun I could only imagine. The story was pretty good and pace good as well. Ving Rhames plays The Prophet and sorry he seem pretty much a robot. Radha Mitchell plays the police partner of Tom Greer. Same thing not bad but pretty straight forward acting here. Rosamund Pike plays Greer’s wife. After a car accident her face is scared and losing her son, she feels better to hide behind a surrogate. The relationship between Tom and his wife was the most interesting. The movies does have its action which was entertaining. Radha Mitchell plays Peters and she has an interesting car chase. Which does displays the ability of using a surrogate. So really can’t complain because there are parts I liked. Maybe I’m just wanting the movie to have been more. Just a greedy movie junkie!


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