Halloween II 2009

In 2007 Rob Zombie came out with Halloween. His take on a classic showing the beginning of Myers. I didn’t see it until early 2009. I didn’t care to, just not a fan I guess. I watched Halloween and was surprised and thought it was entertaining. So the sequel I see Halloween II. I was disappointed big time. Scout Taylor-Compton plays Laurie Strode the only family Myers has left. I’m assuming you saw the first movie here. Laurie Strode is a troubled teen but the movie focuses on this for ever I start to dislike her so much. I think give me that huge knife I’ll finish the job myself please! Malcolm McDowell returns as Dr. Samuel Loomis ok what ever. Brad Dourif as Sheriff Lee Brackett just creeps me out too much tone it down. The story just took too long and the cast man just flat. Even the way Myers would kill his victims were boring! Man it just not even worth going on about how much I didn’t enjoy this movie. While they show Laurie Strode having temper tantrums they show Myers walking for miles on end I don’t get it, lets just end this now.


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