Moon 2009

Its not easy being a one man show in a movie. Last good job done comes to mind is Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Sam Rockwell takes on the challenge with even less of a supporting cast. I have to say Rockwell did a great job. The time is in the future. Helium-3 is the fuel of the future. A station is set up on the moon to harvest the fuel. Rockwell plays Sam Bell. The only technician on the moon station, Sam is only two weeks before he finishes his three year contract. The isolation is starting to get to him. He imagines a teenage girl sitting on the chair. Later on there is a problem with a harvesting machine and Sam goes to investigate. As he nears he sees the same girl on the moon surface. He drives into the harvester and crashed his moon buggy. Everything goes black, right now I’m thinking there is no one else out there. What is he going to do. Next scene Sam is in the infirmary with the computer assistant Gerty. Telling Sam he had a accident and maybe some memory lost. You start to see the picture here. Sam sleeps later on he awakes and walks around a bit and hears Gerty talking to a live video feed which he was told didn’t work. Now you know I mean you and me not Sam in the movie that something stinks real bad here. Sam sees the harvester is off-line and wants to go check. After convincing Gerty to let him out Sam goes to the harvester only to find a man that looks like him. I think that would be the weirdest thing. It was interesting how Both Sam’s were a little bit different in character. The obvious question who is the clone? Sam discovers a lower section where many clones are ready to be used. You have to be freaked out right about now. The bond between both Sam’s was interesting like being your own best friend. One thing you know each other. During all this the company sent a team to handle the situation. One of the Sam’s figures they won’t be left alive once the team arrives. He plans to send the other back to earth. The small shuttle is sent back to earth with the harvested fuel. It’s a very touching movie about the human spirit. Sam Bell holds on because he believes he will see his wife and child one day. The two Sam’s work together for a common cause as one person. I liked the moon station. There was a scene were the camera pans right and the earth comes into view I really liked it a bit of awe. The movie didn’t drag on it was pretty good pace. Past space movies tend to drag out at least for me. There was something very cool that makes you cheer for humans thanks to the good job by Sam Rockwell. With movies like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and my favorite Choke I’m a fan of Rockwell. Plenty reasons to hate corporations that profit at any cost. Sounds like the future isn’t much different than today. Enjoy the moment!


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