Pandorum 2009

It seems every one wants to make a movie about the fate of man. It’s so hard for our minds to admit we are powerless. You have to love Sci-Fi it gets your imagination rolling. Ben Foster plays Bower, he wakes from hibernation with some memory lost. This sets up the mystery of the fate of mankind. Dennis Quaid plays Payton. Bower tries to get out through the vents to find a way to the flight deck. Once in the corridors he meets Nadia played by Ante Traue who is a real bad ass and cute too! They are not alone. Some one else comes to them. Reminds me of Mad Max in space. So we have hero, hot chick and crazy flesh eating things. The mission to get to the ships reactor and reset. Seems simple enough. Along the way Bower meets Manh played by Cung Le who is a mixed martial fighter I believe in Strike Force. The movie has its moments to make you jump out of your seat. The story and most of the scenes seem familiar like where did I see this before. Still to me the movie was very entertaining. Added to the pressure of mankind’s last hope there is the space sickness they call Pandorum. We know very well it starts with the hands shaking, then the paranoia. If your lucky enough you start to hallucinate then the real fun begins. Thats what I’ve heard any way. I would hate to spoil the ending. I just love surprises and this one was one I didn’t see at all. I believe one hint is in the hands shaking. Well I didn’t expect much and was pleasantly surprise how much I liked this Sci-fi horror voyage.


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