The Hurt Locker 2008

The story of three men as an Army bomb unit. The dangerous work of disarming bombs. Man! you have got to have nerves of steel for this job. Let alone in the danger of war with possible snipers. I don’t think I could ever sleep. Brian Geraghty is Spc. Owen Eldridge who is a young man afraid and perhaps obsess that he will die. Can’t blame the guy he is in constant danger every day. Anthony Mackie is Sgt. JT Sanborn who has experience who usually has a cool head. With only a short time before his unit rotates from duty he wants to play by the book. Jeremy Renner is Ssgt. William James who is the replacement after the last mission with the death of Sgt. Matt Thompson played by Guy Pearse. William James seems to play by his own rules. Sometimes I thought he had a death with. Lots of fighting between JT Sanborn who sees the new guy as a danger to his unit. The movie brings a lot about war and the men that are in the middle of the fighting. The difference between all soldiers is interesting. Life experience affects us all a little different. The movie has a good pace between action and the dynamics of each character. Lots of intense moments in the line of fire and disarming bombs. It seem strange to me how local people would be watching all of this like a show. I think if it’s your own neighborhood I might act the same with indifference to the violence that you live with every day. Jeremy Renner did an excellent job. Something of a mystery and ultimately heroic in his relentless efforts to get the job done. Like most war movies these day trying to be as realistic as they can. I always feel like is there any real winners in war. When you here the stories of the brave soldiers that lost there lives. With that said I think the movie is very successful. Its a good story and very good directing. Considering how many movies there have been about war. A surprise to me was it seem Ssgt. William James was the happiest when enlisted doing what he is very good at. I can’t help thinking after the sacrifice the soldiers make are we better through them. I probably don’t understand. It’s good to have a movie make one think about tough questions that may never really be asked otherwise.


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