The Burning Plain

This is one of those movie’s. I mean fragments of the story are told as the beginning. It all makes sense later. Starring Charlize Theron as Sylvia. Sylvia is a troubled woman running from herself. There is a father and a daughter living in Mexico. In the middle of nowhere there is a trailer that was burnt from a recent fire. A couple of boys go to look at the trailer. It was their father and a woman he was having an affair. See what I mean the movie starts all over the place. Sometimes a narrator helps clear confusion but not here. You have to be patient and let the movie develop. Man! I’m not patient you kidding me! The movie did bring it all together but I felt a little impatient about the whole back and forth. I didn’t know what time frame it was. Towards the end sure I figured it out but kind of irritating I think. Sylvia was actually Mariana as a young teenager played by Jennifer Lawrence. She was an interesting teen having to take care of her younger sister and brother only to find out her mother Gina played by Kim Basinger was having an affair. She was having an affair with Nick played by Joaquim de Almeida. Father of Santiago played by Diego J. Torres and Danny Pino as older Santiago. Santiago meets Mariana because he is curious of the woman his farther was seeing and he likes Mariana. The young teens fall in love which just adds to this complex story. People! avoid small towns you will save your self a lot of headaches. Where was I? Mariana and Santiago have a baby, enter Maria played by Tessa La. I can appreciate the story. Human beings are a complex mess. Gina and Nick fall in love but they are married. They can’t keep apart because there lives are empty without each other. Sylvia can’t forgive herself. No matter if she inflicts pain to her self or throws herself to men in order to feel something different from her pain. This is one of those Lifetime movies. I know how much guys love them. Its a mature movie and I like that it dives right in with the insanity of relationships. Over all very interesting and worth watching. I like to think forgiveness is very powerful and needed.


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