Lesbian Vampire Killers 2009

I saw the title and I had to see this one. If your reading this you already know. Maybe your the adventurous type. Well your in for a nice surprise. UK movie’s have their unique humor. I love the dialogue and the story develops pretty smoothly. Jimmy played by Mathew Horne just got dumped by his girlfriend again. His buddy Fletch played by James Corden suggest they get away to forget his problems. James Corden really shines here. Their both broke so they decide to hike to the country as an inexpensive trip. Little do they know fate has a plan for these lads. From the beginning this movie has a cool feel about it. This is a top quality movie. I can’t think of any scenes where it looks low budget. I felt it was very well done in every area. There are lots of very beautiful women. Not all lesbians not at first anyway. There is also the holy man as Vicar played by Paul McGann who is mostly serious but manages to add to the fun time. Yes this movie is incredibly funny. I love it!! Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend Judy played by Lucy Gaskell finds her love interest is married and decides to make up with Jimmy. Judy follows Jimmy to the country only to meet up with Lesbian Vampires. Jimmy has a new love interest Lotte played by MyAnna Buring. A nice girl and no less a virgin. Can you just feel the good times. I should applaud the writers and the director nice job. If you thinking this is a movie for guys to drool over girls your partly wrong. Yes! The title suggest the worst. Lucky you I’m terribly curious. I’ll take the risk for you. It not scary or soft porn. This is a nice mix of comedy with vampires. It’s simply funny! This is an instant classic.


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