Jennifer’s Body 2009

Starring Megan Fox and Amanda SeyFried. Two childhood friends now in high school. Megan Fox is Jennifer and Amanda Seyfried is Needy, I don’t know thats her name. The two young ladies go to a local bar to see a live band. Somehow there is a huge fire. The girls barely escape. The bands singer played by Adam Brody as Nikolai takes Jennifer in his van with the rest of the band members. Jennifer appears at Needy’s house in a bloody mess. Something has happen to Jennifer. Megan Fox played a good psycho covered in blood. Following the fire at the club. A series of murders begin. Only Needy suspects something wrong. This is where I think the story is pretty weak. In general the story needed some more work. I don’t get any development of the characters. I think maybe too much relying on the looks of Megan Fox. There is the attempt with the girls being friends since small children. The high school love is cute, terrible for parents every where a potential night mare. It just hit me this movie is for a young crowd. I don’t know something was missing. Both Fox and Seyfried are cute but thats not enough I’m afraid. I thought from the previews this was a vampire movie. A demon hottie is good I can roll wit it! I liked how Jennifer lured her victims. Not just plain sex appeal. She knew the young men and she used that to appeal to them. A false sense that she really liked them. Suckers your just the main course tonight! I’m thinking maybe go PG and perhaps some comedy. Make killing funny, you know high school funny. I know that was totally cheesy but I couldn’t help it. The end was funny goodie two shoes Needy bust out as maybe some kind of a demon hunter. Sequel! It’s sad but I like even bad horror flicks, I just do. Not that this movie was the worst.

One thought on “Jennifer’s Body 2009

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