5oo Days of Summer

The stories of love. Ah well I love them and hate them don’t you? Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Tom Hansen. He writes greeting cards for work. Until recent it seems Tom is just coasting along. Until he meets Summer Finn played by Zooey Deschanel. A little bit quirky but very cute miss Summer Finn. The movie is a recap of their encounter. I bit of a boy meets girl. Except girl proclaims she doesn’t believe in love. Let me tell you guys or girls run as fast as you can. It’s very cute the getting to know you part especially with Zooey Deschanel who could just smile through the whole movie. I liked the sound tracks to this movie. I luv a good song in movies the pleasure seems double. There were no extremes to shock or whirl wind love affair. Instead we travel through our own experiences. The fears of taking a change or being hurt. I thought how hard it was to learn you can’t make some one love you. Especially as a teenager this was very difficult to comprehend. Simple is not the right description with matters of the heart. And who can really understand all of its dimensions. Is this still a movie review? One thing I think a lot of romantic movies have is the persons involved become better through their experiences of the heart. Tom Hansen at his lowest point decides to get back into architecture what he dreams of doing in the first place. It took him falling in love with Summer to shake things up. The movie felt mature with its laughter of life. In a subtle way insightful. Chloe Moretz plays sister Rachel Hansen. She is the caring person we turn to for honest advice. But in the end Summer Finn plainly states she is not in love with Tom Hansen and that’s a truth hard to accept. Without clever movies we would miss one point. It’s not that we can’t be loved. We just can’t control who we fall in love with. I guess humans will write till the end about love. Something not easily explained but all have experienced sooner or latter. Hopefully not too painful and still smiling.


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