Inglourious Basterds 2009

The latest film by Quentin Tarantino. I was thinking on a side note. I like Tarantino as a writer a lot more than a director. One of my favorite was True Romance. As a director I think he lingers on a scene too much. I believe its for affect but too me his methods can be more irritating rather than effective. In this film the intro to me is the best Tarantino has to offer. Germans occupying France. Christoph Waltz plays Col. Hans Landa in charge of finding Jews that may be hiding. He visits the farm house of Perrier LaPadite. Col. Hans Landa plays with LaPadite with dialogue that is distinctly Tarantino and what I love about his movies. Such dialogue continues throughout the movie. I thought this movie would be more on the comedy than a serious war movie. I guess it was both. Brad Pitt played Lt. Aldo Raine. Leading a small unit with the task of creative mayhem on enemy territory. His character seem mindless. I thought the character didn’t develop thus disappointing. His a big name yet he seem more a supporting role. Christoph Waltz I think did I great job. Diane Kruger was amazing. Sexy and elegant always add to any movie. I think it would have been great if Kruger’s character Bridget Von Hammersmark punched Lt. Aldo Raine right on the mouth. Kruger was classy and tough. The end seem a little out of character. Part of that is me liking the character. Also of interest was Shosanna Dreyfus played by Melanie Laurent. She happen to escape from the intro scene on the farm house. Later she appears as a owner of a movie theater. Daniel Bruhl plays as Pvt. Fredrick Zoller who is a war hero that becomes smitten with Shasanna Dreyfus. A movie is made of his heroic stance against the enemy. It’s thought to be important for the morale of the Germans. So important that Hitler himself decides to attend. The movie has plenty of violence including scalping of German soldiers. I like the scene when three men from the Basterds unit met with Bridget Von Hammersmark. Interesting dialogue and a mass shoot out to end the scene. The scenes with Hitler was ridiculous I guess this is funny to people. To me I didn’t care for it. The story leads everyone at the theater. Shosanna Dreyfus seeks revenge for Germans killing her family. The Basterds could end the war if they kill Hitler with the help of Hammersmark. Lets not forget the clever Col. Hans Landa who sees the war ending but has a plan to avoid jail or death for war crimes. The very end is more funny as I thought this film would be. Over all its a entertaining movie. Perhaps one of the best written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. It’s probably me too fussy. I prefer movies funny in general or serious drama. Regardless the movie has a lot to offer. Last thought as the movie progressed it seem in war there are no real winners. In violence there is no good side. I wonder how Germans today feel about movies like this. Probably something they will have to always deal with. I know I’m a real softy put perhaps its appropriate as you get older. Dis I just suggest being wiser, thats a little scary.


3 thoughts on “Inglourious Basterds 2009

  1. Want to knwo how a german thinks about this?: I considered this move waste of my time. teh Plot is not any way original or has good twists in it, the gore and effects are not interesting for me and the only “tarantio-esque” scene was in the Bar in teh basement. That one I loved.. but the rest.. nah.. uninspired… And again this movie only works when watched undubbed…

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