Public Enemies 2009

The story of famous bank robber John Dillinger. Starring Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard. I love Marion Cotillard what a face you have baby! She was incredible in La vie en Rose. Also very sweet in A Good Year. Johnny Depp how could you not like him? A very serious side to Depp, that was surprising to see him act ruthless no joke. The movie starts with a daring prison break of Dillinger’s friends. Good support cast too many to recall all. Jason Clarke does a nice job one of Dillinger’s friend. Throughout the movie the gun fight were violent but not over done. Straight forward and affective. I mean I liked the action there was a good mix in this movie. The movie moved pretty quick I thought. There is a tough of Hollywood with the charm of Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard. Partly seem more a love story of a famous criminal. The few moments they had together were sentimental. Two people wanting something better than the life they knew. In a time of a depression where most struggled. Every thing else was a side story. Like the developing Federal Agency. Christian Bale heads the Chicago office set to capture Dillinger at any cost. This undertone played questioning even todays practice. How far should the police go? As far as the life of Dillinger at least in the movie wasn’t very glamorous. Always on the run. Towards the end organize crime turn their backs on him because he attracted too much attention. There is some feel of a whirl wind story. Filled with a good script and many good actors it was very entertaining. I like the 30’s flick with clubs that have a sultry singer. Every one is well dressed a unique time of the American dream still at hand. Good movie with popcorn!


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