UFC 106 recap

Amir Sadollah vs Phil Baroni

Sadollah is still to show his potential in the cage. I haven’t seen Baroni for a while he can be explosive. Sadollah with good knees. A great start with Baroni landing punches. A tough fight for both fighters. Who can outlast his opponent. Baroni taking a lot of knees. Sadollah looks less for ware. Second round Baroni looks hurt but is still dangerous. How many knees can Baroni take? Last round Sadollah looks the best. Baroni so tough but taking too many hits. Leg kicks and elbows but Baroni will not go down. Sadollah shows his Muay Thai tonight. Sadollah wins decision

Luiz Cane vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Nogueira fights for the first time in the UFC. He is the twin brother of the well known Nogueira. I can’t tell the difference. Both fighters could be the future of the light heavy weights. Lil Nog showing good boxing skills. Lil Nog hurts Cane and he finished the fight. Big left hook TKO

Ben Saunders vs Marcus Davis

With extra time into the show we watch this earlier fight. Sounders looking good and the stronger fighter. Sounders using good knee kicks. Sounders has a reach advantage with punches and knees. Two hard knees and Davis goes down. Big time Knock Out!

Paulo Thiago vs Jacob Volkmann

Thiago had an unbelievable knock out over Josh Koscheck. Volkmann’s record is 9-0. Thiago takes Volkmann down but he gets back up. Down goes Volkmann again. Both fighters showing good skills. Thiago knocks Volkmann down but the bell saves Volkmann. Second round Volkmann still in the fight takes Thiago down. Its a tough fight for both fighters. Volkmann looks like his getting momentum. Thiago lands a huge punch and gets to side mount. Both fighters looking for more energy. Thiago with some good punches but he can’t finish. Volkmann on top with side mount. Back and forth each fighters having their moments. Fight goes to the judges. Paulo Thiago wins by decision

Kendall Grove vs Jake Rosholt

Another earlier fight tonight. Rosholt taking the fight to the ground. Kendall stands up with a take down of his own. Rosholt lands a nice punch and take Kendall down. Rosholt in full mount putting the pressure. Kendall with the quick submission throws a triangle for a tap out. Kendall Grove wins by submission (very nice spider)

Josh Koscheck vs Anthony Johnson

Two fighters looking for the knock out this could be fight of the night baby! Johnson has some nice knock outs and Koscheck has his own big wins. I can’t stay in my seat and I’m at home watching this fight. Two hot fighters ready to get in on. Johnson takes a punch very well from Koscheck. Johnson lands his punch and rocks Koscheck. Johnson lands a knee while Koscheck was down. Johnson looks stronger he takes punches from Koscheck with ease. Koscheck takes Johnson down they both strugles on the ground. Second round Koscheck lands a quick kick. Johnson takes a poke in the eye. Both fighters land a good punch. Koscheck shoots the take down. Koscheck lands good elbows. Johnson looks confused on his back. Wow! Koscheck sinks a choke Tap Out! Baby! Koscheck wins by submission.

Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffin

Is Tito back to his old ways one of the best ground and pound fighters. Griffin needs a win to get back as a top contender. Ortiz takes the fight to the ground. Griffin back on his feet and lands some punches. I don’t see Ortiz as the stronger fighter. To my surprise more even fight so far. Second round Griffin with a leg kick Ortiz with a take down. Griffin back up, Griffin with a straight kick knocks the mouth piece out. Ortiz with another take down. Ortiz with the ground and pound cuts Griffin. Griffin with a reverse and some ground and pound of his own. Last round Griffin with good punches and kicks. Griffin keeps the fight on their feet. Griffin is having his way on the feet. Griffin continues to land punches and kicks. And its all over, fight goes to the judges. Griffin having another tough fight but much better than the first time out. Griffin wins by split decision (nice job Griffin)


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