Funny People

View the world of the comedians. Maybe like a punch line this movie has a pace where it seems to slow and maybe about to die then suddenly it picks up along. I was thinking of the evolution of Adam Sandler from earlier movies like Airheads and Billy Madison. My favorite was Big Daddy. To me a dark comedy like Punch-Drunk Love was some strange side of Sandler. It rears its ugly head again with Funny People. I occurs to me how comedians take life situations good and bad for their punch line. Similar to writing it takes honesty about yourself and to voice your opinion and that fear how will others take what I say? I have seen other movies about comedians I believe Billy Crystal did one. Similar at least to me it had a dark side. I don’t know if this is bad but like facing the truth about your self to me isn’t the greatest thing, sure after you get to the other side you usually feel great. The stand up from different comedians was good to appreciate their work. I would be terrified a whole crowd and no one laughing. Seth Rogen plays such a wimp its sad but It makes sense for the movie. I know its me I don’t want to be some guy with lots of emotions. Leslie Mann is funny but I think her roles are all too similar. It works she is a sexy mom. Eric Bana was not funny. Maybe I’m stuck with flick like Munich, Black Hawk Down and Star Trek. He plays a bad ass so well. Good movies have great villains as Nero in Star Trek he nailed it. This move definitely had me laughing through out. We could all use more laughs! I did love Aubrey Plaza as Daisy. A peculiar young lady. Her stand up was good. I guess I should say George Simmons (Sandler) gets sick and may die. This leads him into this journey with Ira Wright played by Seth Rogen. Ira is struggling to be a comedian he becomes an assistant to George Simmons which leads to finding himself and Oh! So much more!


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