Fedor I believe

fedor_thelastemperorI was excited to see Fedor Emilianko on TV tonight. I have read about him and seen video clips on the Internet. I didn’t know much about the challenger Brett Rogers. Fedor showed again why he is considered the best heavy weight in the world. I now believe in Fedor. His opponent was much larger and a heavy puncher. An early jab busted Fedor’s nose. I think Fedor won the first round over all. The second round starts and right hand down goes Rogers. That was lightning fast. Soon the referee stopped the fight. Fedor seems so quite even a shy man. As soon as the bell rings man look out. It’s hard to imagine a big man that moves so fast and agile. Any chance to see Fedor again I won’t miss. StrikeForce organizations seem cheesy to me but they did have some good MMA fights tonight. Another good fighter very exciting to watch is Gegard Mousasi at 185 lb. He defeats Sokoudjou, before he TKO Renato Sobral. Good night for MMA fans and further proof of the growing sport. I don’t get the fans that boo when they think its a boring fight. Its MMA you have many ways to win. If a wrestler takes control and the fight is on the ground so be it. Its extreme hard what these guys do. Any one ever wrestle in school knows this. Go to a gym and hit a heavy bag for two minute rounds and one minute rest and see a small taste of what its like. Where am I going with this? Anyway I love watching MMA very exciting! I hear Dan Henderson is a free agent and there is a chance he would fight at Strikeforce. He would tear them up! Strikeforce is a new organization and could use such a veteran. I don’t see many fighters beating Dan Henderson. Where ever they fight I hope the fans get to see them. Did I mention this was a free show on CBS. I feel a little competition going on with the UFC. This is good more free fights please!


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