The Ugly Truth

ugly_truth_movieYes folks another romantic comedy! Starring Katherine Heigl. I must admit I’m a fan of Heigl. She seems like a little girl and a woman simultaneously. She is serious and funny in a contagious style. I think I’ve made a sufficient point. Gerard Butler has been making some pretty big movies. Last I seen was Gamer. Butler plays Mike Chadway who has a late night talk show about men & woman. The Truth to Chadway is men want sex. Men are simple and don’t try to change it. He goes on to say woman should lose weight and give their men a BJ and they will have a good relationship. If only it was so simple there would be peace on earth. Heigl plays a TV producer who has the dream of a perfect man. Yes handsome doctor type enough said. It was annoying about her list she would check off for every man she met. I know a few woman that have similar list, not funny at all! Focus! What could be funnier than throw these two very different people together? Forever Katherine Heigl has been the girl next door that your mom just loves. It works for her and her partner is this romantic flick a very likable man Gerard Butler. The two mix well both with equally charming smiles. How could you screw this movie up with such star power. Id like to mention Cheryl Hines and John Michael Higgins very funny. How about Bonnie Somerville I see you. Some romantic movies make me want to go on a shooting rampage. This movie is entertaining for men and women. Ha! Ha! I leave the best for last. This movie had some hysterical moments. I learned something new tonight. I must be out of mainstream because I didn’t know this even existed. Katherine Heigl puts on a vibrating panties. It’s every boys dream to have a remote to bad the boy in the movie had no clue, but I was laughing too loud to keep up my cool status. Some times you have to let it go and laugh. Tears are OK! Too!


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