The Taking of Pelham 123

taking_of_pelham_123After the movie I sit and think about the ending. I was expecting some kind of a clever twist but no fancy story here. The movie is a straight forward in your face crime drama. Bad guys get what they deserve and good guys go home to their families. Why are you doing this? For the money of course. It seems too easy how long did this screen play take to write no I kid! John Travolta plays a good ex con up to no good and pissed off about it. There’s a theme through out the movie. People die for senseless reasons and maybe more noble ones but they die. A cold world we can live in. Only twice when Denzel Washington calls his wife telling her not to worry and he’ll see her at home later do you get a sense of hope for human kind. That’s my take on this movie, this is a dark look at our selves. How low we can settle and call home. Like a car accident I have to look on. Not really one movie I love to suggest you must see. There is no comic relieve like some funny guy. Perhaps a look back at some happy time. I’m starting to feel very sad now. I need one of those silly romance comedies to bring me back. There was this ridiculous scenes with the police bringing ten million through the busy streets of New York. Is this a reflection on the police or New York in general. Either way as far as entertainment Monday night football was better time spent. Makes you really appreciate the good movie’s.


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