Testing Ubuntu Beta 9.10

ubuntu-beta-9.10-aThis is the first time that I’m using an Ubuntu beta version. My laptop is a second computer so I thought I would give it a try. I was curious about using the new file system ext4. I don’t see any changes but I don’t know a lot about under the hood. Previously ext3 has been excellent stability. I first ran the Live-CD I think it helps testing my hardware. It seem good so I started the install. The install once started there were little changes in this version. The Log on screen is new and good looking. One thing I like about my Ubuntu experience since the beginning its usually straight forward documentation. I don’t know how long it took to install but it was pretty fast. I think most Linux distributions are pretty fast to install. I have installed Suse, Fedora, Mint and Mandriva.ubuntu-beta-9.10-c One thing very different instead of the add/remove software it’s now Ubuntu Software Center. It looks different but I got over it rather quickly. Right off the bat I always install ubuntu-restricted-extras. VLC video player it works great for me. Setup Email with an ical Calendar from Google. Of course I use the restricted video drivers to get 3D effects on the desktop. I think if all beta version of Ubuntu are like this pretty stable we can go all day. But I know the official release is only a couple days so I thought its pretty safe. I use Ubuntu full time at home. I never wish to go back to Windows. Linux and Ubuntu keeps getting better. These are exciting times were living in.


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