Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

transformers_2_blue_head_poster1I never played with transformer toys as a kid but who doesn’t love these robots? Shia LaBeouf returns for the sequel. Of course Megan Fox comes back with a little bit of a following from a RC Car. A decepticon as a RC car changes sides to worship Megan Fox by humping her leg and she just stands there. This scene should have been funnier but some how it passes rather anticlimactic. Part of the feel that sometimes fails to deliver. What is entertaining are the Transformers. All those robots kicking each others metal butts. Isabel Lucas plays Alice an organic decepticon trying to, I’m not sure what she was trying to do. She reminded me of the movie Species with Natasha Henstridge. That whole part was rather fast I think. I always like a movie to develop a character. More is not always better just more. The over all story was pretty good. The comic relief to me seem fake. The best is all the different robots. The humans were a second thought. But not all is lost John Turturro is back working in a Deli Store only to help the kid who ruined his career. Turturro is funny and saves the world. Sorry spoiler slipped out. It was a decent movie a good DVD.


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