La Aurora E. Leon

LaAurora_E.LeonThis cigar came in a 5-Star Sampler. La Aurora has the reputation and price of premium cigars. This is a Robusto 5 x 50 Cameroon Wrapper. The fillers Dominican and Nicaraguan with an Indonesian Binder. The Cameroon Wrapper felt like fine leather very soft. This cigar looks great with a nice pre-light aroma. Once I lit the cigar it seem peppery and maybe a bit strong. It quickly smoothed out with tons of smoke. Very nice ash it kept its form but not very long. Very smooth and slightly earthy. I can’t say enough about letting a cigar mature in a humidor. I got this sampler last Christmas. Since I smoke a lot of CAO cigars I can’t help compare. Both brands do a nice Cameroon cigar. I had to re light the cigar twice but didn’t seem to matter much. Well spent hour and half. Just perfect watching the end of Monday Night Football. If you get a box I’ve seen it for under $4 bucks you can’t go wrong with that. I’m interested to try out the Maduro version. Even a lower price cigar La Aurora puts out a high quality cigar. A good cigar but I think I like a Padron 2002 Maduro a lot better. One of my every day cigars. Which I think this cigar could be. If you love Cameroon Wrapper this might be the ticket. I had a relaxing time smoking this cigar but not enough wow to switch from my favorite. But I feel that the quality and enjoyment can’t be over looked here. By the way nice job Miami Dolphins!


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