Trick ‘r Treat

trickRtreatYes its time when all those little darlings come out to play. Halloween my favorite holiday. I like how the movie tells that there are rules to follow or beware. Also that Halloween is a time for the not so normal to walk among us. The story unfolds telling it backwards. At first I roll my eyes but at the end it made sense. Dylan Baker is really scary to me because I could see him as a creepy serial killer. Anna Paquin has a small role. She is full of surprises these days. The movie tells several stories that tie in together, well its in the same town. The real star of the movie is this weird kid or something pumpkin. This kid ties it all together like a host of Halloween. His like the Crypt Keeper on that other movie. It could very well be the Crypt Keepers kid. Something of a justice scary thing lurking in the night. I like the story with the bus driver. Some kids pull a prank on a girl with a tale of kids dying in a bus. The girl has the last laugh. As a Horror flick its pretty tamed but serious enough. Its a movie for most I think. Some good clean fun is good too. The movie moved along very smoothly. Had my attention the whole time. Very good


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