Drag Me To Hell

DragMeToHellAfter watching this movie it reminded me of those stories you tell kids so they will behave. Be good or the Boogie man will get you. If you don’t do whats right an of woman will put a curse on you. Alison Lohman plays Christine Brown a loan officer who decides to turn down an old woman an extension on her house. Christine wants a promotion so she is trying to impress her boss. The old lady curses Christine and her life turns into a living hell. She learns more from a fortune teller Rham Jas played by Dileep Rao. The tormenting was pretty good. The wind would blow and look out. Justin Long plays boyfriend Clay Dalton. After a couple episodes one would think this girl is crazy. Not Clay he sticks by his woman, bless his little heart. I don’t like that whole put a curse on some one. I mean really was the old woman justified enough to send some one to hell. I think the old woman should of paid her mortgage. Imagine if some one could there would be a lot of curse people out there. I would imagine at some point I would piss off the wrong person and there I go to hell. Sorry but I just don’t like it. The demon was interesting. I liked the effects more of this demon would have been good. It was a pretty good movie. Just in time for Halloween.


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