The Girlfriend Experience

thegirlfriendexperienceThis movie was more a documentary style. It seems to be the popular style these days. Personally I prefer it wasn’t a style. Leave documentary to do their own thing. You hear director Steven Soderbergh and I wonder this could be good. The fact that the movie didn’t go anywhere the documentary style makes sense. The movie about an upscale escort. What could her life be like? The obvious dangers was never really present or hinted. One thing I think is obvious an escort would have to be secretive her business depends on it. It seems having a boyfriend would be a huge problem. Unless he was some way living off her. Well I’m just guessing. I find it hard to believe. The feeling was hey its just a normal girl with problems just like everybody else. Maybe thats the truth but if it is lie to me and make some wild shit up. I’m here for entertainment honey! No doubt this will be a hit on the lifetime channel. I’m wondering what is Sasha Grey’s real name? A real life porn actress she is pretty and interesting. I’m not sure if sophistication is her strong suit. Well it is her first movie role I think she could cross over to main stream Movies why not. My feeling is I could take it or leave it doesn’t really matter. I tell ya one movie I really like from Steven Soderbergh was The Jacket with Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley. Just trying to leave it with a better note. Happy flicks!


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