Julia 2008

Julia_2008movieIt’s been a while since I watched a movie about Alcoholism. I think I’ve seen most of them. It’s funny to see scenes of Alcoholic meetings. They pop up everywhere. Well at least this is what stood out most about this movie. A hard look at what some ones life could be like. Starring Tilda Swinton as Julia. Julia lived her life without a clue how destructive her drinking really is. I really think it struck at the core of Alcoholism without some Hollywood glee! There has been realistic stories before. This movie just did it very well. Saul Rubinek plays Mitch a friend trying to help Julia. If you listen to Mitch you hear a faint voice with wisdom but its hard to understand for Julia and the audience. Mitch tells Julia she must go to meetings or he can’t help her anymore. She may be hungover but she understands Mitch is her only friend. At a meeting Julia meets Elena played by Kate Del Castillo. Elena is not all there, but she convinces Julia to help her kidnap her own son. You see this has disaster from the beginning. Some crazy plan and throw in excessive drinking. I found it sad and very moving. How bad can a persons life get? This movie gives you a front row seat. Experience with Julia the depths humans sink to. Julia ends up in Mexico border town and its the perfect place for a climatic finale. I think a lot of praise to Tilda Swinton she really made this role. Same for the writing and directing really top notch for this movie. OK its not your feel good movie but worthy movie nonetheless. I should mention too Aidan Gould who plays the kidnapped boy Tom. Gould puts on a range of sides of a little boy under great stress. The whole cast was very good. Interesting study of the human journey.


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