The Proposal 2009

theproposal2009Romance comedies there must be a lot of money to be made? Think about it, all the poor saps getting sucked in every time. But I must admit when done right, well its just makes you feel all warm inside. Maybe its just me? Sandra Bullock plays Margaret Tate a cold bitch in corporate America. Ryan Reynolds plays her wimpy assistant Andrew Paxton. Ms Betty White plays Grandma Annie. Now I think there was a lot more potential here but it was missed. Same goes for Malin Akerman plays ex girlfriend Gertrude. Is that a real name, some parents are just cruel. Sorry any Gertrude’s out there. Well all picking aside there are very funny parts some very corny but funny. Seems to me there is something else missing. There was no side story. No love match somewhere else like a nut cousin or even Akerman finding some hunk fisherman anything. I guess I liked it if I think the movie had so much possibility. Suddenly I feel like the person in love but is the last to realize it. Now I’m racing down the street to the video store. Getting the movie back from that little drop box. How sad have you no pride? There are better comedies and even worst out there. But lets be honest what else do you have planed for tonight? We should all be more like Ramone (Oscar Nunez) letting his freak flag fly Baby!!


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