The Brothers Bloom

thebrothersbloomStarring Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz and Mark Ruffalo. Two brothers grow up becoming con men. After years of cons brother Bloom wants a different life. Older brother Stephen (Ruffalo) sets out to help his brother the only way he knows how. He plans a con. The con starts out with Bloom (Brody) meeting Penelope Stamp. An eccentric woman with money and bored. Rachel Weisz what a lovely lady. She is very recognizable actress but there are many sides to her. One thing is constant her smile. She could con me with her smile, except I don’t have any money. I spent any I had on the Internet. Adrien Brody plays the same guy but for some reason the universe aligns to shine on him. I find it hard not to like the guy. Mark Ruffalo plays the man behind the scenes. The man with the plan. The movie had nice scenery and a nice touch of style. Remember the Hollywood of glamour and grace. Old school when dressing up meant something. I must be getting old but its true I like that clever wit and charm with style! The movie had a different feel where you don’t know when the con starts or ends. It helps to feel for Bloom he’ll guide you through this maze. Another interesting character was Bang Bang played by Rinko Kukuchi. Most of the time she didn’t talk but she was funny. A story about the different sides of love. Theres the partners, brothers and lovers. Ok! There must be many sides to love but this pertains to the movie. You could ask yourself what is real? What is a life? Ok! I hope your not really waiting for an answer. Well I think it was very entertaining. A little wacky romance drama. Hey Rachel Weisz is in it.


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