Cusano Cuvee No.151

Cuvee151The 5-star sample from Cusano has been very good. I went online to get more information about this cigar. I got these in 2008 which is a different blend from 2007. I’m not sure if this cigar will be continued. This is what I know. The wrapper is a nice Brazilian Maduro, not sure about the binder. The fillers a mix of Nicaraguan and Costa Rican. This is a Robusto 5 X 50. Medium strength and definitely full flavored. For some reason I pressed on the cigar with my fingers and it seem it was dry. I probably should have picked something else. I lit the cigar anyway with no problem. I’m thinking the binder is a maduro because it reminds me of cigars I smoked that are double maduro. One was a Sancho Panza. It also reminds me of CAO Brazilia, except the CAO is not a double maduro. This cigar Cuvee 151 was very smooth and creamy. Lots of smoke very easy draw like a good cigar should be. The flavor which was quite strong but not overwhelming. Thats why it reminds me of a Sancho Panza. Its different and it leaves an after taste. Some may not like it but I find the change very pleasant. You can notice in the picture by the ban the wrapper has a tear. Mid way the cigar getting hotter came partly off. Despite its look it remained an enjoyable cigar. Towards the end it only got better. I don’t know why cigars do that. I don’t think I would smoke this cigar everyday. But its a nice change of pace to keep the palate alive. Overall I’m thinking very highly of Cusano.


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