Deadgirl 2008

Deadgirl2008I was reading some reviews of this movie. A couple people said it was a twisted movie. My curiosity gets the better of me. Now its imperative that I watch this movie. I have seen my share of sick & twisted movies. I can’t really say why I like them nor do I like all of them. For example I saw a movie called Shuttle. I was glued to the screen but I think it was just wrong. On the other side there was a gem called The Midnight Meat Train. Crazy movie and I just loved it. Not sure why maybe I’m just wired that way. OK! Back to this movie at hand. After watching this movie I kept thinking of all the stereo types in the movie. The jocks and their nice girlfriends. The nerds or stoner’s in my school. This movie brings them all together and right in the middle throws in a dead girl. Thats a wacky story line that gets me every time. I know real softy huh! I like Rickie played by Shiloh Fernandez the troubled teen not really a bad guy but confused just the same. Not J.T. (Noah Segan) his pretty much a lost soul. It’s great to see him transform into this purposeful nut job. Rickie and J.T. Find a woman chained up and alive. J.T. Figures out this woman can’t be killed. Use your imagination OK! Rickie thinks this is wrong and struggles with this dilemma. His friend thinks they found a pet for themselves. The story just builds nicely from there. Throw in the dead beat boyfriend of Rickie’s mother. Also Rickie’s love JoAnn played by Candice Accola. Every one has their set of problems and everyone adds to the story. The best for last is the dead girl played by Jenny Spain. I see her on Imdb and she looks normal, she transforms into a great character. If you love horror films this is a must see. Now the movie is painfully vague about the dead girl. It’s probably better this way. Some times trying to explain makes it dumb. So let your imagination run wild. Is she an experiment gone wrong. Some say she’s an alien. I only know don’t let her bite you what ever you do. Have a good time.

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