Gamer Movie 2009

Gamer_movie2009This movie was a roller coaster ride. People control people taking the virtual world to the next level I think. I like games especially first person shooters but nobody dies. Could a society really accept killing for entertainment even if they are prisoners on death row. The movie explores the very popular games like The Sims and first person shooter games. Combine a society with growing debt and growing prisons. Prisoners volunteer to earn their freedom. Others volunteer for money or perhaps kicks. I don’t know much about The Sims but if its any like this movie I had no Idea of the freaks out there. The game which is an all out multi player battle. It was a little hard to follow but I liked the idea. The action centers around the soldier Kable played by Gerard Butler and the gamer Logan Lerman as Simon. By the way Simon has the coolest computer. Ludacris plays Humanz Brother a hacker trying to expose how wrong this virtual world is. Our villain is Ken Castle played by Michael C. Hall. He’s the creator of the game and another nut job planning world domination. Like I said the movie moves pretty fast. I wish UFC Keith Jardine would have had a small line. This is the second movie I’ve seem him. Amber Valleta plays Kable’s wife Angie. Her wardrobe is something else. If I remember right she was a runway model, she is a beautiful woman. Its another one for Sci-Fi in Hollywood land. Your gonna love this movie if you like mass killing, beautiful women and cool tech toys.


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