G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

GIJoe_theriseofcobraBig summer action movie. I appreciate all the advanced technology. It’s all about the toys my friend. More and more I see movies with Bio-technology. Changing someones appearance, weapons that work with your DNA and my favorite computers that interact with the user. Sci-fi is taking over Hollywood! The cast is full of young actors and even a Victoria Secret model. For me I was hypnotized by the beautiful Rachel Nichols. She is the mixed between Barbie and G.I. Joe. I remember her in Star Trek as the sexy green Gaila. Chaning Tatum and Sienna Miller leads the show with some love hate relationship. Sienna played the tough villain but really. I don’t see her kicking ass with some black ops bad ass soldiers. I know its just a movie right? We have some martial arts rivals. Enhanced soldiers thats been a military dream for ever. I think it had a good mix of story and action. The action of course was unbelievably crazy fun. Hero’s are only as good as their adversaries. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the mad Doctor who I never saw coming nice twist people. Christopher Eccleston as Destro also does a nice job as over achiever villain. Dennis Quaid plays General for all the G.I. Joe’s. Throw in some comedy relief with Marlon Wayans as Ripcord. It seems just simple dialogue from Wayans and it seems funny. Maybe that’s just me. Destro gets missiles with nano technology and plans to use them as part of a plan to rule the world. It’s up to the G.I. Joe’s “When All Else Fails, They Don’t”


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