Habano LXI Sun Grown

HabanoLXIsungrownThis is another cigar from my sampler of Cusano 5 Star pack. Appearance this cigar is very nice. I love the preferido shape. Made with Habano-Seed Ecuadorian and Dominican wrapper. The filler with Dominican Long-Leaf Ligero. The foot is open ready to light, you know that really makes sense. Normally both ends are about the same, Sometimes I cut too much. Before lighting I put the cigar in my mouth, it had a lot of spice to the wrapper. Lighting it seems very smooth. This cigar was medium in body. I didn’t notice any spice after lighting. The smoke seem creamy with an after taste I can’t quite put my finger on it. The cigar remained consistent through out. The ash fell off only after maybe half an inch. It was very relaxing to smoke. The draw was easy with lots of smoke. I re-lit the cigar a couple of times. At a price of under six dollars makes for a good value. Seems a preferido would be more. Over all this was very enjoyable cigar. With two cigars smoked from this 5 Star pack Cusano is making a great impression on me. I love to find cigars with quality and afford-ability. This seem to fit into that category.


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