District 9 movie

District9_movieI finally got out to see this movie. One thing nice about being the last human to watch this movie. I got the theater to my self except for an elderly couple who I’m not sure if they were lost. Like the movie Cloverfield a good part of the story is told as past video. In this particular story it worked. I don’t care for cameras moving everywhere its just irritating. Some interviews and others TV coverage. I think the Aliens were interesting but very little was known. I don’t know if there is going to be a sequel? It would be cool to see the Alien world. Well who knows! It’s the usual problems with poverty and those that profit from them. To me this movie said it doesn’t matter who or where there is always that nature of humans. Also the corporate or military get too big and they make their own rules and thats bad for us all. Yeah! I got a little of an opinion but lets not get crazy. Good job done by Sharlto Copley playing Wikus Van de Merwe. Whats the deal with the cat food? Some time with Wikus and the  Aliens would of been good. I was leaning forward paying attention but I felt left in the dark. Any good movie lets you relate and make a connection just ask some of the greats. The father and his son was good but very little. Did I say that already? It must be good I have so many ideas and possibilities. Its been a while since a movie inspired the imagination.


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