Blood: The Last Vampire 2009

Blood_TheLastVampire2009Gianna Jun plays Saya a half human/half vampire. Her father taught her martial arts. Many years later Saya is working with a secret group to rid the world of vampire. The council cleans up after the vampires are vanquished. Thats very handy to have if your a vampire hunter. Saya is sent to a military base where some students may be vampires. I only guess the high school girl uniform is something from its original Japanese Anime. Allison Miller plays Alice the Generals daughter. She is set up to be killed by two girl vampires. Saya is near and our adventure really begins. Alice befriends Saya which Saya never gets close to anyone. Her only focus to rid the world of vampires. I liked the sword action and the blood affects reminds me of some video game. The girls becoming friends adds to the story moving forward. The Vampire Saya is ultimately after is Onigen played by Koyuki. I looked her up and to my surprise she was in The Last Samurai. You know the one with Tom Cruise. Any way it was her. Now the ending to me was a little disappointing. The baddest of all vampires you think she would die better. I don’t think its much of a spoiler. I enjoyed the movie a lot. Little school girl kicking some ass. Martial arts fan should love it. I think its more entertaining than the movie Fighting.


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