1495 Series Robusto

1495Series_RobustoLa Aurora 1495 Series. A Robusto 5 X 50 Dominican Corojo and Dominican-Seed Ligero with an Ecuadorian-Grown Wrapper. First thing this cigar looks amazing. If only all cigars looked this good. I love the ban with the lion looks so regal. At first lighting the cigar I had some pepper but quickly faded. It was very smooth. It seem earthy. The draw was slightly tight but not a problem. The ash was tight at least an inch long. This cigar has all the characteristics of a high end cigar. My only problem here is it didn’t have a lot of complexity. The cigar is above most in quality for sure. I expected a little more wow! With strength definitely medium-full felt it in my stomach. I got this from a 5-Star La Aurora sampler. Not really excited at a price of 8.00 dollars. Towards the end of the cigar was the best part. One cigar is not the end all its worth trying this cigar again. The first time I smoked a La Aurora cigar it was a Preferidos Gold which is also a Corojo wrapper. I mention it because it seem similar to this cigar except the body was mild and around 13 bucks a piece. If they don’t come in a tube they are less money. For its high quality I see its price but I don’t know if I would buy I box. Maybe a sampler to have around for some special occasion. It’s not right but I’m on the fence with this one.


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