Sunshine Cleaning

SunshineCleaningAmy Adams is Rose Lorkowski. Once in high school she was a popular cheerleader. Now she works as a cleaning lady and a single mom. Struggling with money and her self worth. Steve Zahn plays Mac her once boyfriend in high school who is married with children. Rose’s son get into trouble at school. Emily Blunt is her sister Nora Lorkwoski. Nora can’t seem to keep a job. She lives with her dad Joe played by Alan Arkin. Their mother had committed suicide when they were little. The Lorkowski have their challenges! Rose always tries to be positive and smiles despite her troubles. Her character reminds me of a lady I know who cleans for a living. She always has a positive attitude. The lady I know is very successful in her business with a husband and a couple of kids. Anyway It was funny how I thought about her. It’s a story about struggling in life but with hope in finding your way. I like Amy Adams even if she never stops smiling. I bet I could mess with her and rattle her a bit. It’s funny when happy people get mad. Emily blunt has some hypnotic eyes I think. She is the rebel in the family. Her struggle with losing her mother plays out some interesting scenes. There are tears and laughs like life often is. All this is moved along with the job the two sisters land cleaning messy crime scenes. Alan Arkin what can you say he’s Alan Arkin. Yeah! This was an interesting flick of the human experience. What is our worth? Only each person can say for them. Don’t you just love movies!


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