The Betrayed

thebetrayed2008There is a car accident but no one is around. The Story begins. Jaime (Melissa George) is kidnapped by a masked man who needs answers from her. She tells him she doesn’t know anything. As she is told clues and hears tapes of surveillance by the masked man. Jaime puts the puzzle together. Finding things about the masked man as well. The whole breaking a captive and getting them to trust. A cat and mouse game very entertaining. Jaime was no fool always thinking of options. Yes kids using your brain may save your life ah maybe. Oded Fehr is the mysterious masked assailant. He also was in the last Resident Evil: Extinction. A real surprise was Alise Krige as Falco well you should discover that yourself. I got into the movie. It could have been more graphic or violent but instead the movie relied on the actors and the flow of the movie. It worked for me, sometimes a little is enough. A good story and acting can stand on its own. The human element compels sympathy to a mother trying to keep her son safe. Combined with a no bull kind of bad people. You have entertainment with popcorn!


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