Surveillance2008Starring Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond. Sam Hallaway and Elizabeth Anderson. Directed by Jennifer Lynch. Ok daughter of David Lynch. This seem interesting to me. I imagined something different. Bill Pullman seems to like the off beat movies doesn’t he? Pullman and Ormond arrive to a town where there’s been a crime. Two FBI agents were called in to help with the investigation. There are witnesses that need to be interviewed. As the story unfolds it appears the police have secrets. Pullman and Ormond slowly uncover the story. The movie has that small town slow with the people seem to be off their rocker. Sorry small town people but thats were all the crazy sh$t! happens. The story does move along and it had me wondering who is the killer. It’s part of my fun to try to figure it out before the movie reveals the killer. This movie threw me for a loop. The little girl Stephanie played by Ryan Simpkins added to the mystery. Can’t forget Caroline Aaron and Michael Ironside just to complete that odd small town feel, sorry! I would hate to spoil your fun. If you like crime dramas with a twist? This one is right up there as strange but I can’t look away. I almost forgot to mention about Julia Ormond. I don’t recall a lot of her recent work but I remember Legends of the fall, First Knight and Sabrina. This movie seems way different a role for her. I just thought it was a big change. Pell James as Bobbi Prescott plays a convincing drug funky. Enjoyed the movie because I like the off beat movies its a nice change of pace.


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