State of play

StateOfPlay2009The story about a newspaper and the journalist seeking the next big story. Russell Crowe plays newspaper man Cal McAffrey. A self indulgent veteran journalist that has bones in the closet. He seems to only have one thing and thats his job getting the story. Of course such a commitment has its price. Rachel McAdams is Della Frye a good reporter hoping to make it big with a story. Careful with what you wish for. It’s hard not to like McAdams. Nice change of pace this is not a love story. Oh! But here comes The Time Travelers Wife. Hey! Thats a didn’t flick back to the real story. McAdams is the hopeful, young, ambitious and good in us all. Mr. Ben Affleck plays Stephen Collins. I must say I was surprised with his performance. He plays a perfect arrogant bastard politician nice job. Always question authority its vital. The day you can’t its over. Familiar names in supporting roles Helen Mirren, Robin Wright Penn and Jeff Daniels. A detective Donald Bell played by Harry Lennix says usually there is no government conspiracy instead its people and the crimes they commit. It seems nobody is perfect and that fits with journalist and politician going along in their lives. Anyone capable of bad decisions. Well lets not get too serious after all its just a movie. It was a very entertaining movie. I was not surprised with the end but what do you expect from a cynic.


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