duplicity-2009Clive Owen and Julia Roberts star in a double dealing deal. It’s not clear who is double dealing who. Nice to see Julia Roberts with that famous smile. Clive Owens plays action dramas with humor that I believe every time. I think a little more spice would of really set this off. Something to throw me off and grab my attention from the start. Resting on your laurels well it just looks bad. I would rather they cut the middle of the movie to make it only 90 minutes. Really how much babble can one take. Hey Roberts and Owen are good together but not that good. I’m not saying I hated the movie. I lost interest halfway! You wanna be cute play it save make it shorter thats my rules. Paul Giamatti was in usual form. I get setting up the deal but Its too repetitive. Hey if you get up halfway into the movie to get some popcorn you won’t miss much and probably enjoy the movie better. Well it’s worth a rental. Nice movie to sit with mixed company. No embarrassing moments you know the ones. And if the guest talk a little and you get distracted no problem it’s still going. Towards the end it had my interest again. Not the ending I expected. The end has its humor. Who played who. If you desire something you are ripe for a set up. You’ve been warned! Did I mention how pretty Roberts eyes are. Hmm!


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