Adventureland 2009

adventureland2009It’s the summer of 1987. Boy tries to find himself. Boy learns about things that matter. The value of good friends. To be honest with yourself. Taking a chance especially with love. But really can this all happen at an amusement park. Adventureland run by Bobby (Bill Hader) and Paulette (Kristen Wiig) I love these guys, they are so funny. So our young man James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) had plans for college but his parents cant help with the money. The only job James can get is at Adventureland. A buddy gave James a bag of pot because he couldn’t afford to go on a European vacation. I mention this because having pot helped James make friends. It’s funny and sad but also a lot of truth. James meets Em Lewin (Kristen Stewart) who has her own reasons for working at Adventureland. I liked the pace of the movie, I mean its nice when a movie moves at good pace. I think the supporting actors all filled great to form this 80’s world. I liked the mix of comedy and drama. Life has its ups and downs but isn’t life better when we can laugh at ourselves? To top it all and inspire it forward. Pause What! I’m talking about the soundtrack. 80’s hits! don’t even pretend to tell me you don’t love it! I was a young man myself I love the music. I enjoyed the movie very much. Time to go play some Cure. Who doesn’t love “Just like Heaven” only one of the best song ever!


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