UFC 101 preview

Josh Neer vs. Kurt Pelegrino
Both fighters are battle tested with some very good wins. I think both need impressive wins. Feels to me like a very even fight. I will go with the experience of Josh Neer for the win. Decission

Kendal Grove vs. Ricardo Almeida
Grove is TUF winner and you know UFC wants nothing better than their guys win. Grove against Alan Belcher showed me he could be a dynamic striker. When guys clinch and pressure him its been tough. Has he improved in this area only time will tell? I would imagine Almeida will try to take the fight to the ground and pound out a win or submission. Grove needs to use his reach better. I believe Grove continues to improve and will be successful with a win by TKO

Amir Sadollah vs. Johnny Hendricks
Sadollah is another TUF winner and Hendricks is coming from the WEC. I remember Hendricks being a very tough guy. Not so good a striker, Alex Serdyukov was giving him hell. Hendricks outlasted and won the fight. Sadollah wants the fight on the ground for a submission but striking might be the surprise come fight night. Amir Sadollah wins by submission

Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin
This is the best situation for Griffin win or loose. He wins wow! He fights who ever he wants. Losing the fight its business as usual for Silva. The million dollar question can he win? Half the battle is believing in yourself. Quentin Jackson took down a champ everyone thought was unstoppable! Lyoto Machida believes in his martial arts plus works hard to be his best. Thats the easy its possible! I don’t see Griffin being better in any area. I think Griffin will be elusive as before but I think Silva can take advantage with leg kicks. Lately I think Silva has not looked good compared to his destruction of Leiben, Franklin, Irvin and Henderson. St. Pierre is a champ that leaves no question. I think Silva needs a good win. Anderson Silva wins by TKO

BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian
How could you not like Florian? My dream scenario Florian hurts Penn with a leg kick and ground and pounds a KO. In the real world that is unlikely but not impossible. Penn is not one of my favorite fighters but I recognize his talent. St. Pierre showed the blue print to defeat Penn. If you stand up with Penn he will have the best chance to win. You test his cardio and mix between stand up and ground work has proven to wear on Penn. Even if you can’t take him down at first stick to it and wear him down. To win you fight to your strength period. If they only fight on striking Penn can pace himself and eventually catch you with heavy hands. Florian has the tools to be the new champ. I believe in Kenny “can flo” Florian. Wins by TKO


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