Fast & Furious 2009

Fast&Furious2009Every time I think this franchise movie will be dumb. Every time I get sucked into the world of fast cars and hot women. Somewhere in the middle I start cheering for the bad guy. Yeah! Theres more to life than rules and those stinking pigs. Ok I got a little carried away for just a second. But its true at the beginning I think man this movie is boring. Then it picks up and I must admit I like how the series of Fast & Furious introduces new villains. This time it’s from Mexico, real bad asses you know. With the cars I’m a fan of American muscle but I also like the Imports. I think thats what they call them. Paul Walker seems to like getting beat up. I guess everybody has there thing. Vin Diesel his thing is kicking ass the tougher the other guy the better. Diesel you got a good thing going. All the old crew showed up for this one. Michelle Rodrigues had a short part. She plays a tough woman very well. Our buddy Sung Kang as Han from Tokyo Drift may his appearance in the very beginning. Gal Gadot was an interesting addition I would like to see her in more movies. Las Alonso as bad ass Fenix was a good adversary along with John Ortiz as the boss. But Alonso he carried the ruthlessness of drug traffickers very well. Well If your like me and enjoy the racing and the pretty ladies you will like Fast & Furious. Oh! I can’t forget to mention Jordana Brewster as Mia. Something about her looks are very unique I think. The first movie was good and I enjoyed Tokyo Drift. This latest edition somewhere in the middle worth watching.


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