UFC 100 preview

This one is not to be missed by any fan of MMA. Even all those people who jumped on this wagon know this event is huge. It marks the huge success of UFC. One hundred pay-per-views means money in the bank. The UFC does think of the fans. So one hundred is a blow out party of Mixed Martial Artist. The best of the best on display to claim king. Brock Lesnar looks to leave no doubts he belongs in the sport where grown men knock one another out! Nothing against pro wrestling, this is fighting professionals were the slightest mistake ends the bout. Man its exciting isn’t it? To me the show starts with the coaches of the show TUF.

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping
I’m thinking of Bisping’s last fight I saw against Chris Leben it seems Bisping lack some knock out power even though Chris Leben is tough and takes punches well. Moving down in weight for Bisping made sence with a power issue. It’s something your born with taking a punch and punching power. That said I don’t see an area where Bisping will be better than Henderson. Bisping likes to stand and strike but Henderson can knock people out with that right he keeps ready. It’s interesting who will risk more because I don’t know of any knock outs by Henderson in the UFC, there is no doubt he is one of the best. Maybe Bisping can bring speed into this fight and upset Henderson. There is a reason Bisping is 18-1-0 with some fights at 205lb. I’m starting to feel this fight might be closer than I think. For Dan Henderson do what your good at. Get in the clinch even some ground and pound. Soften him up first then you can land that right hand for an impressive knock out. For Michael Bisping keep moving use leg kicks so Henderson can’t set up for a big strike his never showed more striking options. Set up jabs for latter head kick or knock out punch. I’m going with the more experienced fighter. Dan Henderson wins by decision.

Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago
Jon Fitch tore through the weight class but came short against St. Pierre. Well that is hardly any reason to doubt the man. I heard from an interview Jon was working more and was a better fighter. St. Pierre said the same thing after his loss to Matt Serra. I don’t doubt Fitch is better and Paulo Thiago is in a fight with a very smart and determined man. I lean towards thinking Thiago caught Koscheck by surprise and the referee stopped the fight a little early. I’ve seen fighters getting pounded and the referee gave them a chance to work out of trouble. Don’t get me wrong Paulo Thiago is doing something right with a record of 11-0 the man knows how to win. I have only seen his fight with Koscheck and before the knock down he looked calm but rather awkward. If he beats Fitch I will be shocked. Like Henderson I think Jon Fitch should remember his wrestling back ground. Too many guys want the glory of quick knock outs but there is nothing wrong with setting things up. St. Pierre is the best example of this he will take you down and strike with you. This takes a toll on any fighter. Remember Jon! Jon Fitch wins by decision

George St-Pierre vs. Thiago Alves
Two fighters that are very dynamic. Both have the skill to change the fight in a flash. Unlike other fighters St-Pierre has to be careful of Alves quick knees when he goes for a take down. But unlike Hughes and Parisyan he has the skill to very his attack. Alves has been submitted so that may favor St.-Pierre. Alves will want to counter strike, his quick reflex could catch St.-Pierre. It’s possible they cancel each other and the fight becomes very technical. Every time I see St.-Pierre his jab and stand up gets better. Who will do something surprising that throws his opponent off his game. Thinking about Matt Serra staying in front of St.-Pierre forcing him to fight more of Serra’s fight. This might prove a plan for Alves but it is dangerous for any fighters leaving openings to get countered. Will Alves risk it all for glory and pressure St.-Pierre to become champ. The build up has been huge. All eyes on these fighters I believe experience goes along way. This favors St.-Pierre all the hype isn’t new to him. Alves has an impressive record because of who he has beaten just like St.-Pierre. I thought I saw some cardio going down with Alves against Koshcheck. This is another advantage for St.-Pierre. For St.-Pierre I think avoid the clinch go for take downs in the center of the ring. Harder for Alves to get to his feet again. I believe George St.-Pierre will continue his destiny of one of the best Mixed Martial Arts has to offer. George St.-Pierre wins by TKO

Brock Lernar vs. Frank Mir
The main event can Mir submit Lesnar again to become heavy weight champ. If Mir wins he will cement his name forever in the history of MMA. That’s thanks to such a huge opponent in Brock Lesnar. It’s only my opinion but I think Lesnar was shot up too fast. There are a lot of guys waiting for their chance before Lesnar. Here we are regardless of deserving or not. There is no doubt he is a tough opponent for anybody. Lesnar pounded Heath Herring who is terrible on the ground but a very tough fighter who could not deal with Lesnar’s size. Randy Couture showed skill can give Lesnar trouble. I thought Couture had something going. Brock Lesnar showed his speed and size too much to handle. Frank Mir found the same thing first time around. The fight could have been stopped had Lesnar been more experienced with ground and pound. Seems he only knows hammer fist. This is not a bad thing but a more experienced fighter would of varied his strikes. I don’t see Mir winning a stand up fight but can he take Lesnar down. Being on the bottom is no picnic either. The clinch could be the best way of taking Lesnar down but Mir needs to be on top. A world of options could open up for Mir. He is one of the best submission fighters out there. If Mir tries to get fancy look what happen to Urijah Faber. Brock Lesnar knows the basics and he has punching power. With his inexperience if Mir hangs in or hurts Lesnar he will be in unfamiliar territory. Mir has confidence and skill to win if he is prepared. You know Lesnar will come ready. Personally I want Mir to win because in martial arts teachers preach to their students a smaller person can defend himself against a bigger man. Woman with skill learned can fend off an attacker. Can skill over come such huge mountain. I believe Frank Mir can. I don’t have anything against Brock Lesnar he just happens to be huge and represents more force than skill. It seems these where the questions the original UFC tournaments wanted to settle. Weather its just two guys fighting for heavy weight champ or symbols of Martial Arts tested I think fans are excited to say the least. I think it would be an upset but here I go. Frank Mir wins by decission.


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