Cusano Cuvee Rouge

Cusano_CuveeRouge-aIt’s been a while for me but I got out last evening to enjoy a cigar. Last Christmas I bought a Cusano 5 Star sampler. In the past I have smoked Cusano 18 a good cigar. So I thought Id try a sampler of their very best. This Cuvee Rouge robusto is the first one from this 5 pack. If you can tell from the picture this is nice looking cigar. The ban finishes the presentation I think. The construction looks good and the pre-light aroma makes me very happy. The Ecuadorian wrapper has a beautiful color. So I’m ready to smoke but I notice the draw is too tight. I used a cigar poker (don’t laugh it works) but still it was not the best draw. With my fingers I rolled the head to loosen what seems like a tight roll with the construction of it. During the whole smoke I had to re-light the cigar. Most times I would start to think the cigar is not for me or they are not very good. I could tell this cigar has a lot of potential. Maybe my humidor is too high or something I did but I’m not sure. I do know despite the inconsistency the cigar was enjoyable. The smoke was very smooth with earthy and/or leathery notes which are good notes for any cigar. A good cigar always puts me in a tranquil mood which this cigar did. If the cigar would have had a better draw I would have been really impressed even with the re-lighting. My sampler only had one Cuvee Rouge I just might get more in the near future. For the rest of the 5 pack I look forward to discovering new favorites.


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