Push 2009

Push_2009At first I thought this movie would be like Jumper. But perhaps more fashioned like X-men because there are many humans with certain powers but less funny costumes. Unlike the previous movies this movie has some special effects but relies more on a human element. There was good action with a cat and mouse chase. Chris Evans stars along with Dakota Fanning. Evans plays Nick Grant after watching men kill his father he hides growing up under the radar. Fanning plays Cassie Holmes who sees the future. Cassie and Nick are to find a briefcase or meet a certain death. A military organization set to make better soldiers are studying people with powers and running test on them. Nick’s father was killed getting away with his son. Cassie’s mother is a prisoner to study and control her. Nick’s girlfriend goes missing only to find she plays an important role with the suitcase and the organization. Camilla Belle plays Kira Hudson who is a pusher. She has the power to put thought into your mind and you believe its true. That reminds me of the movie Firestarter 1984 with little Drew Barrymore. Also another pusher is the man head of the organization played by Djimon Hounsou as Henry Carver. Hey didn’t he play in The Gladiator? What was his role in Constantine as Midnite nice name though? Was he good or evil? Some where in the middle. How do I get that job? I liked Push more than I thought I would. It was a surprise. Any thing it lacked to me was small because I liked where the story went. It wasn’t all special effects which is good in this movie. There were some strange characters which I love because it reminds me of William Gibson stories. Dakota Fanning is somewhat dark or serious character instead of a cute teenager. I couldn’t really place. Considering she sees the future and in it her own death I’ll give her a pass this time. One of those strange people was Teresa Stowe played by Maggie Siff. She was in last years TV Show Sons of Anarchy. Over all very entertaining movie.

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