UFC 99 preview

Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva
Mama said knock him out! UFC 99 The Comeback. Who will want it more? The aging lion that doesn’t have a place as he once did. Unfortunately I only see one lion still holding on. Silva seems to be lacking the snap to react young fighter take for granted. I think he is still dangerous. I don’t see Franklin being reckless. Franklin is too good a striker who can pick apart Silva. With movement and quick strikes I see Franklin dominating this fight. If Wanderlei could some how be unpredictable he can land a hard strike. The fights I have seen he wants you to stand toe to toe and let it all hang out. That may sound glorious but not very smart. Maybe Silva could get Franklin in a clinch and dirty box. I think Franklin has more options, not to mention he has punching power. If Franklin feels that there is desperation to revive his carrier he might put more at risk. In the end I see Franklin winning by TKO

Cheick Kongo vs Cain Velazques
Kongo has been improving every fight he seems to be better at take down defense and adding a little of his own ground and pound. I hope he doesn’t forget his best side is his striking. The guy can be deadly with his knees. Cain Velazques has been on a quick rise but has he had top contenders to challenge him. I’m going with the more experience fighter. If he uses his good jab he can set the pace. Land some heavy leg kicks he should take it to the young fighter and take him to school. Velazques is going to want to charge like a bull dozer. Being a wrestler he thinks he will dominate Kongo. If he does take Kongo down at will and ground and pound Kongo will have a long night. Also Cain has power I mean these guys are heavy weights and you call those gloves? With a win Cain will rise and people love to catapult fighters I guess it makes them feel better. To me fighters have to win and you see the level of the fighters they have beat. You can get a sense the level of the fighter. But styles also play a huge part. So I’m saying wait and see you never know. But for this fight I see Kongo winning by decision.

Mike Swick vs Ben Saunders
I don’t know Saunders so its hard to say too much. Mike Swick should be use to the new weight class. So I’m interested to see him in action. Ah! The world of fighting you know there is always an upset could this be the one. If Saunders wins is it really an upset. Anyway Swick is tough and a win would say a lot about a fighter. I don’t think Swick wants the fight on the ground but some in close fighting can wear him down and open up things for Swick. I mean Sounders is tall and can be dangerous with those long limbs. Well I guess they are both pretty tall. I’m starting to think this is a more even fight. But there can only be one. I have a theme going so why change now. Mike Swick wins by decision.

Marcus Davis vs Dan Hardy
Hardy is flashy new guy with a cool hair cut. And it seems his a good fighter to boot. But has he ever fought a grenade? Marcus Davis hits hard! Not bad ground game too. They both have similar records. This could be fight of the night. Hardy is the taller man, Davis should watch out for any head kicks early. Did I mention Davis hits hard! But Hardy is no joke. Did you notice I’m stalling because I’m finding it hard to dismiss Hardy too quickly. Ok! Marcus Davis wins by TKO

Quickly Spencer needs a win and the more exciting the better to start his comeback.
Mirko Cro Cop needs a win even more. When was the last time he won a fight. Mostapha Al Turk is perfect for Cro Cop to come throwing leg kicks and show he still has the goods.


2 thoughts on “UFC 99 preview

  1. I couldn’t agree with your take on the Silva-Franklin matchup. I think Velasquez is going to be able to beat Kongo. If you take away Kongo’s win over Cro Cop, he doesn’t have any wins over top tier opponents. I totally think that they hand picked Al Turk as a perfect opponent for Mirko’s return. But wasn’t Gabriel Gonzaga supposed to be an easy opponent also? I see Cro Cop winning, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him choke again.

  2. Those are good points. I don’t know Valazques. I do think Kongo has very good stand up stikes. For Cro Cop I think its a must win to stay in the UFC. Al Turk didn’t look too impressive last time. He does have a chance being a touch fighter with experience. The bill name The Comeback fits well.

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