Laptop with Ubuntu and Kubuntu

I wrote before looking for a Linux distribution for my laptop. I’ve been using Ubuntu with gnome desktop environment. With the many choices Linux offers its hard to not be curious. Other desktop environment include Xfce and Fluxbox. Both are lightweight environments that give new life to older computers. Not to mention I think they each have interesting features. So naturally I wonder what will it be with different desktop environments? When I first tested Linux distributions on my laptop there was the new kde4 but I found it too unstable for me. As improvements have been released with KDE 4.2.3 I got the bug to give it a test run once again. Then it hit me to install Kubuntu and have both desktop environments available to me. I should back up a bit and say using a 64-bit computer has been a little challenge but nothing serious like major lock ups or crashes.

Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit

Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit

The gnome desktop environment has been very good and very easy to customize one thing I noticed more using KDE. With gnome there is a simplicity in its approach making customizing very intuitive. Most things you can drag and drop, at worst the system will tell you wrong file. With Icons sometimes the compression it comes with just needs to be opened up to get tar.gz or just uncompressed completely and most of the times it works. In gnome you have one password to deal with for any system changing commands you want to carry out. I like to keep it simple less to remember. For eye candy Compiz and Emerald do a pretty good job. It’s up to me to get the right tweak I like. Maybe that is too much work and some one prefers it just done for them. I guess I just like getting in there and seeing what I can do. For some reason I don’t know why but Virtualbox OSE does not work as good with 9.04. This is one point that bugs sometimes. Ubuntu 9.04 has done better at setting up my ATI video card. In previous version it did not give me 3D support. Bad distro but there was a work around using Metacity Compositing thanks to a tip from It let me use AWN dock anyway.

Theme Dust Hydroxygen Icons and AWN-Dock

Theme Dust Hydroxygen Icons and AWN-Dock

I find some eye candy is good but too much can eat up computer resource. In gnome mounting drives like USB and back-up drives like Western Digital My Book have been easy to plug and play. I can never forget the Linux distribution is free. Besides you have the choice what flavor of desktop environment you like. With many distributions like Ubuntu you can add extra desktop environments and you can select which one to use. To be cont. Updated with original wallpaper.


6 thoughts on “Laptop with Ubuntu and Kubuntu

  1. Boogiestu, is there any way at all you can find out where you got the desktop wallpaper!? Do you have the file itself? I would love a copy please! Let me know where/if i can give you my email address ..thanks so much

  2. Boogiestu, you are the man!! Thanks so much! 🙂 i didn’t expect such a quick response this is fantastic! Already set it as my desktop 🙂 One more thing, i hate to trouble you again but do you know the original name of the file? I know im being picky now haha, but i am hoping to find this file in 1600p format (if it even exists!?) or even a description of the photo? I searched and searched on google and random bittorrent and regular wallpaper sites looking for it, searching for random keywords like “bloody” “feathers” etc, and nada! So a file name or something of that nature would be excellent, i will be happy to throw $5 your way for your time thru paypal or something, seriously, i value your time, buddy! And really appreciate the edit with the pic! 🙂

    Thank you again, and if you can’t locate the name that’s no problem at all.

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