UFC 98 quick methinks

It’s time for mixed martial arts on Saturday pay per view! Maybe I don’t see the whole picture but I only see two interesting fights. The main event with Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida and Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra. Yeah! I like Drew McFedries for his exciting potential of a knock out. He tends to be hot & cold and not very good against submissions. I don’t know anything about his opponent Xavier Foupa-Pokam. Sean Sherk to me is not very exciting. I think fighters have a lot more guts than spectators like me but still the bottom line is it entertaining enough for me to spend money.

Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida
Looking back at the fight record of both fighters I see Machida doing better against the same opponents. Evans had a split decision against Sam Hoger and a draw against Tito Ortiz. Machida had unanimous Decisions against the same fighters. I saw the Tito Ortiz fight and Machida was in top form. My question is can Evans take Machida down. I think that is were Evans is best some good old ground and pound. Machida is great against the take downs. In the stand up game I think Machida has the advantage. He is quick, taller and against Thiago Silva he looked very strong. My own writing is leading me to think Machida has a slight edge because I think he has more impressive fights. Thats not to say I don’t think Evans is a Champ. Yes I was impressed of course when he knocked out Chuck Liddell and Sean Salmon. Salmon really should not fight. I have seen other fights with similar if not the same knock out. Liddell well he is on his way out. The fight I liked was with Jason Lambert, took the guy down and beat him up! I win against Stephan Bonnar who is a tough guy to beat was a good win. Both fighters I imagine will be cautious at least the first three rounds. I see Machida picking his spots and scoring points. Machida wins by decision

Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra
It’s grudge match of the old guys. Matt Hughes I think should stay with ground and pound with submission as well. He had a quick submission against George St-Pierre. Hughes was champ and defended his title I don’t know how many times. Most know about Serra and St-Pierre. Matt Serra had his day on the spot light with his win in the reality show The Ultimate Fighter. The show featured fighters who had potential but never made it big. Kudos to Serra for winning the show and then he beats St-Pierre. If Hughes wants to stand with Serra he could get knocked out by Serra. Hughes should take the fight to the ground and pull a submission against Serra who is a Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu fighter. A factor which any good fighter will see is Matt Serra seems to tire later on. Matt Hughes to me seems a strong edge. Matt Hughes wins by decision.


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