Terminator Salvation

terminator2009The year is 2018 and we finally see John Connor hero of the resistance. Wait 2018 is just around the corner. People couldn’t they have stretched it a bit further. I mean really computers thinking for themselves. That reminds me people at the office yelling dam computer. I’m quick to say a computer only does what you tell it. They give me a look. I think the look is go to hell! But I could be wrong. The movie ties to the original Terminator which I think only makes sense right! Christian Bale as John Connor portrays a tough soldier who has been condition to lead the resistance. Bryce Dallas Howard is Kate Connor which I think hints at the next Terminator because in the movie she is pregnant. Then we have Moon Bloodgood as tough pilot Blair Williams who saves Marcus Wright who is a new kind of terminator played by Sam Worthington. He takes a lot of the spot light and that ever struggle human or machine. It’s a question I wrestle every day my self. Helena Bonham Carter plays Dr. Serena Kogan every Sci-Fi adventure needs a mad scientist of sorts it helps explain the fubar. Also there was the awkward meeting with John Connor and his dad who is younger than his son John. Did that make sense? Anton Yelchin plays Kyle Reese who is just a teenager and is yet to travel back in time to safe Sarah Connor. Boy this is getting tough keeping who sleeps with who straight. The movie didn’t wow me but I did not get sleepy and two and half hours went by rather quickly. It was entertaining for sure. I wondered was Dr. Serena Kogan a machine and human DNA and did she lead the machines. Does anyone lead or is it just a collective computer maybe a software like a firewall running havoc on humans. This is something I would like to know. One last thing there is the new Terminator T-800 who is a surprise.


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