My Bloody Valentine 2009

mybloodyvalentineJensen Ackles plays Tom Hanniger. After surviving attacks from Harry Warden Axe pick wing nut. Tom goes away for a while. Leaving behind girlfriend Sarah Palmer played by Jaime King. I think its ten years later Tom returns to sell that mine I guess too many bad memories. The whole part why he returns and the angry towns people for selling was really stupid. Fortunately I soon forgot as the movie went on. Tom finds his old flame Sarah married to Axel Palmer played by Kerr Smith. Everybody knows everybody in a small town. The whole 3-D was alright nothing to get crazy over. I liked the movie just normal but it had its moments. One highlight in the movie and believe me there is an art to getting killed in a movie. Betsy Rue plays Irene the kinda small town girl you get to know very well. Miss Irene has a hotel rump with a truck driver. After the trucker leaves the room with a camera of the scene. Irene goes after the trucker for the camera. Irene has no time to put clothes on and Irene bless your heart! Nudity and Screaming in a Horror picture in my opinion is vital. The trick too is how you do it. I remember watching old vampire movies and at some point there was a beautiful woman getting nude. The moment was built up it wasn’t just drop your clothes and scream hence the art of B-horror delights. Maybe you think I just like the naked element and your probably right. Hey some want peace some want nude, what can I tell ya! I’m not a beauty pageant. After the movie Sin City Jaime King seem subdued here, But she is very sweet nonetheless. The apparent attraction is the Axe man killing and its bloody good fun. The whole miners suit adds great affects to the mystery killer. The whole time I’m trying to guess who is the killer. It’s between Tom and Axel. At one point I thought maybe its both for a twist ending. Well watch it to know who is the killer. Fun huh! But can you watch the movie in the dark? It’s not too scary for me. I thought it was fun. Popcorn joy! Ah! Slept so good that night.


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